D & W

ThomasKim_photography Two men standing in front of a building at night, discussing.

D & W

Wedding venue: Hilton Checkers

D & W’s wedding at Hilton Checkers was a stunning portrayal of love against the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles. It was a day that merged urban elegance with the promise of forever, where the city’s energy embraced their love story. Hilton Checkers, with its timeless charm and modern sophistication, provided the perfect stage for their love story to unfold.

As we reflect on this breathtaking wedding, we are reminded that in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, love shines brilliantly, and dreams come true. The wedding ceremony at Hilton Checkers was a testament to the enduring power of love, and we were privileged to witness this love story set against the grandeur of the city.

Photography by: Thomas Kim Photography