B & A

ThomasKim_photography A bride and groom dance in front of colorful lights at their wedding (Bride & Groom, Colorful Lights).

B & A

Wedding venue:  SD WILD WEDDING

For B and A’s, love has always been an adventure. So, when they decided to tie the knot, they chose a venue that perfectly captured their spirit of wonder and excitement: the San Diego Zoo. Their wedding day was nothing short of magical, with exotic animals, lush gardens, and stunning views as witnesses to their love story. Join us on this journey as we recount the unforgettable wedding at the San Diego Zoo, where love and nature converged in the most enchanting way

A Venue Like No Other:

The San Diego Zoo, nestled in the heart of Balboa Park, is a world-renowned destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. For B and A, it was more than just a venue; it was a place where their love for each other and their love for animals could harmoniously coexist.

Animal Encounters: A Unique Reception:

After the ceremony, guests were treated to a one-of-a-kind animal encounter experience. Friendly zookeepers introduced them to some of the zoo’s residents, providing unforgettable moments of connection with the animal kingdom. The laughter and awe were infectious, making it a reception like no other.

B and A’s wedding at the San Diego Zoo was a celebration of love and a testament to their shared appreciation for the natural world. It was a day where love and nature converged, where exotic animals became witnesses, and where laughter filled the air as guests connected with wildlife.

As we reflect on this remarkable wedding, we are reminded that love can be as wild and wonderful as the animal kingdom itself. B and A’s love story is a testament to the beauty of embracing the extraordinary, and their wedding day at the San Diego Zoo will forever be a cherished memory of love amidst nature’s splendor.

Photography by: Thomas Kim Photography