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In the realm of wedding photography, we strive to offer an unparalleled journey, distinct from any other, spanning from inception to culmination. It transcends the realm of mere aesthetics, delving into the ephemeral interplay of joyful and poignant moments, each a unique facet of your narrative, destined to be revisited and cherished in the tapestry of time. We embark on a journey of discovery, forging a connection with you, nurturing a sense of ease in your presence, and orchestrating an all-encompassing odyssey of matrimony to authentically narrate your tale. As you leaf through the pages of your album, you shall be transported back in time, reawakening the sentiments and memories of your wedding day, as vivid and heartfelt as if you were once again a participant in that cherished moment.


Capturing Love at Loving Wedding Ceremony

Hi! I’m Thomas

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ThomasKim_photography A group of fearless Los Angeles wedding photographers, affiliated with the Wedding Photographers Association of America.

I’m a Los Angeles-based photographer and digital artist, if you can dream it, I’ll achieve it. Through lighting and composition, I help couples see their happily ever after.

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Illuminating the Path

Harmonizing Natural Light with Our Artistry in Off-Camera Lighting, We Craft Enchanting Photographs Regardless of Conditions or Locations, Throughout the Entire Day. Be it rain or shine, we elevate the moment. You can provide us with a humble parking lot, and we shall transform it into a captivating oasis. Yes, you read it right, some of these stunning shots were taken in parking lots!

ThomasKim_photography 2024-2025 Wedding Photography: A bride and groom standing in the dark.
ThomasKim_photography 2024-2025 Wedding Photography: A bride and groom at sunset.

Capturing your perfect moments of the happiest day of your life to keep forever

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You are preserving Moments for Eternal Revisitation! Our mission is to seize the essence of your wedding day—those moments that summon smiles, laughter, and tears—and etch them indelibly in your heart. With state-of-the-art, soundless cameras, we encapsulate these instances like silent observers, never breaking the spell, ensuring you can revisit them endlessly.

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You deserve beautiful images, and you also deserve an amazing wedding photography experience. 



After received your inquiry, I will read over all the details! If I am available on your date and it sounds like we are the perfect match, I will schedule a zoom call.


Wedding Day

I make it a priority to capture traditional photos that every couple wants while also capturing all the little moments in between. Within two weeks, your wedding will be featured on my blog so you can share all the highlights with your family and friends!



Within 2-3 weeks, you can expect delivery of your entire gallery in an online gallery, easy for mainly and friends to download images from. Soon after your gallery is delivered, you will receive your initial album design.

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