C & J

ThomasKim Photography Los Angeles Wedding Photographer A bride and groom standing in front of a chandelier, celebrating their special day.

C&J’s wedding at the Pacific View Tower Wedgewood in Oxnard was a captivating blend of romance, happiness, and unforgettable moments, all set against the picturesque coastal vista of Oxnard.

The day began with an air of excitement as C&J readied themselves amidst their closest friends and family. C’s bridal suite buzzed with laughter and anticipation, her exquisite lace and silk dress set against the morning light. J, in a separate area, shared laid-back moments with his groomsmen, contributing to the day’s cheerful atmosphere.

The Ceremony: Vows Amidst a Drizzling Delight

As guests made their way to Pacific View Tower, they were welcomed by the stunning ocean views that the venue is renowned for. Despite a 70% chance of rain, the atmosphere remained undampened, with a gentle drizzle adding a magical touch to the setting. C’s walk down the aisle was mesmerizing, and her arrival was a poignant moment for J.

Their exchange of vows was deeply moving, resonating with all who witnessed. The declaration of them as husband and wife was greeted with heartfelt cheers, marking the beginning of their shared life.

The Reception: A Joyous Celebration of Togetherness

The reception decor at Pacific View Tower reflected C&J’s exquisite taste, with soft pastel hues and shimmering gold accents complementing the venue’s natural beauty. The speeches were deeply touching, humorously and tenderly recounting C&J’s love story. Their first dance was a graceful testament to their bond.

Dinner and Dancing Beneath a Cloudy Sky

The dinner, curated by top-notch chefs, featured a selection of dishes chosen by C&J, delighting everyone’s palate. As the evening progressed, guests hit the dance floor, their spirits undeterred by the overcast sky, dancing the night away in celebration.

Photographic Journey: A Story Told in Pictures

The day’s essence was skillfully captured by the photographer, from tranquil moments to exuberant celebrations. Each photo tells a part of C&J’s beautiful story.

A Night to Remember

The evening wound down with C&J sharing a serene moment by the sea, contemplating their love and future together. They later joined their guests for a luminous send-off, perfectly concluding a day filled with beauty and joy.

C&J’s wedding at Pacific View Tower Wedgewood was more than just a ceremony; it was a celebration of unity, a tribute to their journey, and the start of a new adventure. These photographs and memories serve as a lasting testament to the joy and beauty of two hearts coming together.